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What should I take into account for a basement renovation?

Our basements offer a great deal of possibilities to boost the overall value of our property, get more space for our family or turning your basement into a new source of profit. However, the most important features to consider in a basement renovation project are usually beyond the sight of our naked eye.

The use of proper materials to shield our basement from humidity and temperature damage, is something that contractors occasionally overlook, as they mostly care about having a nice cosmetic outcome rather than spending time on a painstaking work preparation. Due to this, it is not uncommon to find clients with a "finished basement" having a lots of issues that could have been efficiently prevented on time.

In the case of old houses, you must always consider investing in a good waterproofing system, as it is one the critical aspects for basement renovations. Furthermore, other general aspects, such us insulation, should not only be reckoned in terms of money, but in terms of functionality for your own basement design as well.

Another crucial aspect to prevent any basement restoration, is to choose the appropriate type of sub-floor depending on the kind of floor you want to lay down. If we go for laminate floor installation, we have to be certain of getting a professional floor installer, who is familiar with the type of material he needs to work with.

If you are thinking about getting a basement renovation, we strongly suggest to have at least three different assessments, so you can acknowledge what every contractor has to offer, and hence, be sure that your project will be carried out in a thoroughly, professional manner.


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