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How to build a deck

Building a deck is a task that at a glance looks easy but it is very important to know the technical details that we need to include in our deck project.

Usually the structure of a deck is built on concrete piles, which must have the diameter, distance between them and enough depth to support the weight of the whole deck structure.

Daily we see in the streets advertising of companies that offer incredible times frames for your deck project which are indeed possible. But in reality there are many who comply with these construction times but not with quality at all.

At first sight, any deck can be seen perfect, but as time goes by the problems start to show up and the company that gave us an excellent deal cannot be longer found.

If our pillars do not meet the standards needed for our deck structure, they will begin to produce level differences and many other problems.

The structure of our deck must be built giving it the importance it deserves, because this is as important as it is the type of board that we want.

If you are more of a DIY and actually think about building a deck on your own, have confidence that it is possible, as long as you do not forget the importance of following the rules of construction depending on the size of our deck structure which can be calculated with the help of tutorials on the internet. This being said, always keep in mind that there are professionals of each area of construction, which can guarantee that your project is built the proper way.

Now, if you wish to make that idea in your mind happen,

You think it,

We Renoit.


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