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Basement renovation

Bathroom Installations

Freshen Up Your House with a Kitchen Remodel

While the most trendy people may remodel their kitchens every time the trends change, most people are more conservative in their approach. In fact, some don't remodel their kitchens until major components have failed. By this time, a large amount of work may be needed for the space.


For this reason, a kitchen remodel typically involves the services of contractors near me. They do more than just install new cabinets or put in kitchen islands. Instead, they are able to do things like detect and replace rotted subflooring, pull down old backsplash tiles, put in new tile, replace the plumbing and wiring, and handle all of the cosmetic elements as well. This comprehensive treatment is great for kitchens that have previously been neglected for decades and now need full renovation.


Bathrooms tend to suffer from the same problems as kitchens if they are neglected for too long. This is because, like the kitchen, they include plumbing – and old plumbing tends to leak. Because of this, bathroom installations tend to include plumbing repair or replacement, as well as any repairs needed due to water damage. The humid environment caused by the shower makes it so that repainting is another typical part of bathroom installations.


Contractors near me aren't limited to renovating kitchens and bathrooms that already exist. They can also do full-on remodeling, including taking out an existing kitchen and putting a new one in an entirely new part of the house. This is often done as part of a whole-house renovation that installs a fresh design plan, but it can also take place simply because the homeowner wants the kitchen to be somewhere else. For example, if the original is a narrow galley kitchen, someone may decide that it'd be better to use a larger, more-open spare room as the kitchen and turn the original space into a pantry.


Adding bathrooms is also popular. This is because older houses often weren't built with master bathrooms, but instead, kept these rooms separate from bedrooms. Renovating to put in a master bathroom is therefore a very common project. Contractors near me have no problem with entirely-new bathroom installations like this.


If you're sick of dealing with an old, broken-down kitchen or bathroom, hire a renovation contractor to bring it back to its former glory. Alternatively, use this as an opportunity to completely remodel the existing setup into something modern and more your style. If you lack a private bathroom or roomy kitchen, you can even have one put in. Talk to a renovation contractor in Mississauga, ON, Canada, today and explore your options!

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