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What should I keep in mind when choosing my floor installer?



When it comes to finding a good floor installer in our home renovation project, we must take into account the following:

- The verifiable experience in the area of ​​floor installation, which can be verified with the existence of the flooring company in the web, Facebook or at least a business card.

- Make sure that they have the tools needed to complete the entire project, to avoid having to perform a new search as a result of an unfinished job.

- Remember that the installation of floors is recommended to be performed at the very end of the project in order to avoid damages caused by the development of the other areas of renovation.

- The common problems that inexperienced floor installers make are very difficult to discover at first sight, but as time goes by, they will bring us enough problems to acknowledge their existence.

- If it is a hardwood floor and our floor installer does not worry about nailing our boards enough, over time you will begin to feel small crunches when walking and that really affects in times when the other members of the house are asleep.

- To avoid noise problems in hardwood floors it is necessary to install a good waxed paper between our subfloor and our hardwood floor without forgetting a perfect cleaning of our subfloor prior to that.

- In laminate flooring the most serious problem that we often find is the expansion of this material, which can be avoided by leaving enough space around our floor and below our baseboards.

- During a laminate flooring installation, cleaning of the subfloor and installation of the correct underpad will guarantee the highest quality results.

- Finally one problem that is repeated in both, laminate floors and hardwood floors are the finishes under door frames and transitions. These must be imperceptible for the owner of the house and should always be hidden.

- To dismiss our article always remember to work with a good contract that includes guarantees and responsibilities before starting your renovation project.

If you want to make that floor project a reality,

You think it,

We Renoit.

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