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Basement renovation

Basement Renovations

Get More Use from Your Home with Basement Renovations

In many homes, the basement is just an unfinished expanse containing a furnace, water heater, and a whole lot of stored items. While storage is often a good use for some of the space, it's also typical for there to still be plenty of room for something else. Basement renovations allow the area to be fully used and can allow you to do things that you might not want to do in the main part of the house.


One great small basement renovation idea is to turn the space into a woodworking shop or other crafting space. This will let you put in things like powered dust collection, which would look ugly up in the living area but are very necessary for woodworking projects. You may also decide to wire the basement for more voltage so you can run some serious equipment. Keeping such upgrades limited to a confined area will help to control costs while providing the needed power.


Basement renovations can also provide more living or general recreational space, and these things are what they are most known for. It's a relatively simple matter to convert unused space here into a bedroom. All it takes is finishing up the walls, likely adding a wall to separate the new room from the furnace/utility area, and running some wiring to power wall outlets and light fixtures. However, finished basements are not limited to these ideas by any means.


Some small basement renovations are even more simple than making a bedroom. You can have tile added to the floor and then add a washer and dryer for at-home laundry convenience that doesn't take up any living space upstairs. Other large appliances can go down here, too. If you only have a small area in the basement, this will likely give you the most bang for your investment.


Small renovations aren't limited to the basement, either. You can do plenty of things with any large upstairs space, such as breaking it up into rooms that serve specific purposes. Many sewing aficionados have seized space from their family rooms or living rooms to create dedicated sewing rooms, and those who are fans of the more modern activity of video gaming have done the same to make their own game rooms outside of their bedrooms.


Whether you have a large basement or only have the space for small renovations, there are plenty of ways to make a house more useful than the standard design would allow. Talk to a renovator and designer today to finalize the details of your own conversions.

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