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Whatever you’re considering renovate, Think about Us.

You think it, We Reno-it 

Hardwood and laminate floor

Hardwood and laminate floor

Finding good deals for materials isn't always that complicated. However, labor sometimes can easily turn that dream floor into a nightmare, as installations prices per sqf are not always inclusive, and usually bring "extra charges" for flooring removal, small carpentry and adjustments.

That is not our case. Our estimates include the whole service from remove the old floor to install baseboards or transitions.

Just call us if you want to know more about our work, and how to avoid hidden charges.

Tile Installation

Tiling is an art, hence, you need to count on professionals who do it at its finest.

At We-renoit, we help you customize your tile job while providing you with the best cost-effective solutions. Our clients are given the chance of choosing among a variety of tiles, from different sources and quality, depending on the project you have in mind. 

If clients have the material, but no one to install it, that's not an issue at all. We have skilled workers who have been working on tile installation for decades, and who are able to perform thoroughly in all aspects of the job; from simple tile walls, to heated tile floors, schluter systems, and so on.

Gives us a call, and turn your idea into an innovative project!

Plastering and Painting

Taping new drywall, removing popcorn ceiling, patching holes or applying a skim coat of plaster to your walls is part of our services.

Just give us a call and get real quotes for your project that will include everything with no hidden charges.

It is easy to say that you know how to paint. But only professionals do it the way is meant to.
We use the best tools and supplies available in the market, and take our time to give you high-end results in terms of painting. 

If you are not sure about colors or textures, our interior designer can help you choose the right one.

Framing, drywall and insulation

Framing plays a major role to something as big as structuring a basement or making a small closet.

Our renovation experience with both, new and old houses provides all the necessary knowledge to complete a framing project.

Everything has to be meticulously planned before doing any work. From a glass door, railing or furniture, it is crucial to count on every single supporting structure or back-ups behind walls, in order to avoid gutting everything up once it's been already painted. 

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